Bird-watching and mountain bike excursions

Cà Bianca puts to disposition of its hosts some mountain bike just why it is the better way in order to discover the beauty of the places that encircle the company. Through distances dipped in the green, it can be caught up the reservoir natural of goes them. A lot of every species of birds, ideal for who loves bird-watching and the naturalistic photography. In the vicinities, in San Martino of the Manzoli locality, the castle of 1400 that erge in all its imposing beauty. Excursions and nature therefore, in order to appreciate the opportunities of the campaign.

Games for children

Beyond playing with the Miniatur horses, the children to Cà Bianca have to disposition a space all for they. Prepared with games in one of the beautiful and sure areas of the company, the space you play is dedicated to the smaller, but the peace allows also the biggers ones to enjoy themselves the campaign while the children play.

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